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The society of biology in Strasbourg attribute dissertation prize its 2014 promotion

The sixteenth thesis of the society of biology of Strasbourg (SBS) awards ceremony was held Friday, February 27, 2015 under the days of the Graduate School of sciences of life and the health of the University of Strasbourg.

The ceremony began with the interventions of the new president of the SBS, Dr. Christophe Romier, the representative of the University, Catherine Florentz, and representatives of the sponsors of this ceremony, Serge Potier for the Graduate School of life and health sciences, and Nicolas Matt for the Eurometropolis in Strasbourg. Sylviane Müller of the Institute of molecular and cellular biology moderated the plenary conference of the ceremony on the development process of the «Lupuzor» and the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus. The ceremony continued with praise of the different winners.
Top thesis Awards 2014 of the society of biology in Strasbourg:

  • Price of the Graduate School of life and health sciences: Alexia Arepel (FMT Inserm U1109/IPHC, UMR 7178);
  • Price of the Eurometropolis de Strasbourg: Ludovic Enkler (overall UMR 7156);
  • Price of the Alsace Region: Raphaëlle Cassel (reveals UMR 7364);
  • Award of the society of biology in Strasbourg: François Bonnay (IBMC UPR 9002), Joseph Chaumont (INCI UPR 3212/revealed UMR 7364), Damien Lemoine (CAMB UMR 7199) and Antoine Stier (IPHC UMR 7178).