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The work published in 2014 in the journal Cell by the Réactions antivirales antiviral Reactions team of Pr Jean-Luc Imler’s in the CNRS unit « Immune responses and development in the insects’ » of IBMC has been awarded the Research Prize 2015. These work are the result of collaboration between several research teams of the IBMC and a team from the Institute for research on viral Liver Diseases in the University of Strasbourg. By studying Drosophila virus, the authors found the involvement of a particular protein in the ribosome, responsible for translating genome protein in the spread of these viruses. This protein, Rack1, makes the difference between the normal translation of the cell and the one of these viruses, which use it as an anchor on the ribosome to spread and divert the machinery of the host cell. The discovery of this mechanism brings new treatment paths for different viruses (insect virus, hepatitis C, rhinovirus, etc.).