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Volohonsky, Gloria; Hopp, Ann-Katrin; Saenger, Mélanie; Soichot, Julien; Scholze, Heidi; Boch, Jens; Blandin, Stéphanie A; Marois, Eric

Transgenic Expression of the Anti-parasitic Factor TEP1 in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae Journal Article

PLOS Pathogens, 13 (1), pp. e1006113, 2017, ISSN: 1553-7374.

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Pompon, Julien; Levashina, Elena A

A New Role of the Mosquito Complement-like Cascade in Male Fertility in Anopheles gambiae Journal Article

PLoS Biology, 13 (9), pp. e1002255, 2015.

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Buresova, V; Hajdusek, Ondrej; Franta, Z; Loosova, G; Grunclova, L; Levashina, Elena A; Kopacek, P

Functional genomics of tick thioester-containing proteins reveal the ancient origin of the complement system Journal Article

J Innate Immun., 3 (6), pp. 623-30, 2011.

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Blandin, Stéphanie A; Wang-Sattler, R; Lamacchia, Marina; Gagneur, Julien; Lycett, G; Ning, Y; Levashina, Elena A; Steinmetz, Lars M

Dissecting the genetic basis of resistance to malaria parasites in Anopheles gambiae Journal Article

Science, 326 (5949), pp. 147-50, 2009.

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Fraiture, Malou; Baxter, Richard H G; Steinert, Stefanie; Chelliah, Yogarany; Frolet, Cécile; Quispe-Tintaya, Wilber; Hoffmann, Jules A; Blandin, Stéphanie A; Levashina, Elena A

Two mosquito LRR proteins function as complement control factors in the TEP1-mediated killing of Plasmodium Journal Article

Cell Host Microbe, 5 (3), pp. 273–284, 2009, ISSN: 1934-6069.

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Blandin, Stéphanie A; Marois, Eric; Levashina, Elena A

Antimalarial responses in Anopheles gambiae: from a complement-like protein to a complement-like pathway Journal Article

Cell Host Microbe., 3 (6), pp. 364-74, 2008.

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Baxter, Richard H; Chang, C I; Chelliah, Y; Blandin, Stéphanie A; Levashina, Elena A; Deisenhofer, J

Structural basis for conserved complement factor-like function in the antimalarial protein TEP1 Journal Article

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 104 (28), pp. 11615-20, 2007.

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Blandin, Stéphanie A; Levashina, Elena A

Thioester-containing proteins in insect immunity Journal Article

Mol Immunol., 40 (12), pp. 903-8, 2004.

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