Research focus

RNAi is a mechanism explaining the production of small RNAs of about twenty one nucleotides derived from the virus, which are then used as guides for targeting very specifically a RNase from the Argonaute family to the viral RNAs, which will be neutralized selectively. We are interested in understanding three main points during viral infection:
  • How viruses are recognized by the exonuclease Dicer-2?
  • What are the antiviral complexes in opposite to RNAi pathway?
  • What are the dynamics of the antiviral innate immunity?
The team is composed of a permanent member from the University of Strasbourg (Carine Meignin, associate professor), working with post-doctoral fellows and technicians supported by grants, PhD and Master students.
In addition, since 2012, a collaboration with the group of J. Marques in Belo-Horizonte (Brazil) allows to extend the work on flies to Aedes vector mosquitoes, which transmit viruses such as Dengue or Chikungunya to humans.


KeywordsDrosophila melanogaster, virus, innate immunity, viral RNA, nucleic acid receptors, small RNA, RNA interference, selective translation. 


Recent Publications

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