In humans, the inflammatory response when deregulated may lead to the occurrence of chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer development. The development of molecules able to interfer with the abnormal activation of NF-kB pathways, without the toxic effects associated with currently used anti-inflammatory, is indissociable from a better understanding of NF-kB signaling pathway and their operations. Also the goal of our group is to decode the NF-kB pathway to understand their regulation mechanisms. To do this we use genetic and proteomic approaches adapted to the Drosophila model and in human cell cultures.

Research program

Downstream NF-kB signaling pathways activated by inflammatory stimuli, the NF-kB transcription factors play a central role. They are responsible for hundreds of gene activation pro- or anti-inflammatory activity.

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Publication of the team

Florian Veillard, Laurent Troxler, Jean-Marc Reichhart: Drosophila melanogaster clip-domain serine proteases: Structure, function and regulation. In: Biochimie, 122 , pp. 255-269, 2015, ISBN: 0300-9084.

Laure El Chamy, Nicolas Matt, Monde Ntwasa, Jean-Marc Reichhart: The multilayered innate immune defense of the gut. In: Biomed J, 38 (4), pp. 276–284, 2015, ISSN: 2320-2890.

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