Group leader: Dominique FERRANDON
Deciphering the molecular pathways involved in host-pathogen interactions

We aim to decipher the molecular mechanisms allowing a host and a pathogen to adapt each other:
– the host attacking the pathogen (resistance) or defending and repairing itself (resilience)
– the pathogen hijacking the host defences or simply hiding itself, and sometimes attacking the host.
We work from both the host side (drosophila) and the pathogen side (bacteria and fungi).

PhD proposal

Research projects

We are mainly focused on the epithelial barrier of the intestine, in infection models using Gram-negative bacteria (Serratia marcescens and Pseudomonas aeruginosa). We also study systemic effects with a parasitic infection model (the microsporidium Tubulinosema ratisbonensis).

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The Ferrandon group


We are a very motivated small group, working all together in a helpful and enthusiastic atmosphere.

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Our publications

Franchet et al. Nature Microbiology (2019)

Haller et al. EMBO Reports (2018)

Lee et al. Cell Host & Microbe (2016)

Limmer et al. PNAS (2011)

Cronin et al. Science (2009)

Gottar et al. Cell (2006)

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