IMCBio, The Graduate School project “Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology”

What is IMCBio?

IMCBio is an unprecendeted training project focused on integrative molecular and cellular Biology, gathering

  • 3 laboratories of excellence (LabEx : INRT, MITOCROSS, NETRNA)
  • Cutting-edge technological resources of 4 national infrastructures in Health Biology
  • An equipment of excellence, the insectarium I2MC


IMCBio aims to attract students with a strong motivation for research and to train future researchers to work at the interfaces of Biology through:

At Master level:

  • additional internships in laboratories
  • complementary training modules at Master level
  • summer schools

At doctoral level:

  • a high-level training program for doctoral studies, mobility opportunities
  • With the joint support of the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Life Sciences and Doctoral School of Life and Health), the CNRS and Inserm, this project, which is based on the graduate school model, has a triple ambition to strongly link training to research, to enhance the thematic strengths of the Strasbourg site and also to contribute to its international influence.
  • Heads of project : Bertrand Séraphin, DR CNRS, Director of IGBMC ; Nicolas Matt, MCU Strasbourg University, IBMC


At Master level:

  • 1st stage: Online registration in the Master course of your choice in the Faculty of Life Sciences, via E-Candidate:
  • 2nd stage: Check your wish to include the EUR IMCBio in your wish list when applying online.
  • 3rd stage: End of June: Selection of candidates for admission to the Master’s degree.
  • 4th stage: Audition of candidates admitted to Master’s degree and pre-selected for admission to the EUR
  • 5th stage: Mid-July: Selection of candidates for promotion EUR 2018-2019
  • September 2018: first promotion of the EUR IMCBio 2018-2019

At doctoral level:

In 2019 only.